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  • Offloading Complexity

    Earlier in the week I was having a discussion with my Dad. Over the years of Christmas we have accrued many of “new-fangled” television devices; Apple TV, Amazon firestick, and (my personal favorite) the Chromecast.

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  • Papers Please

    One way I try to keep myself thoroughly confused is by reading research papers.

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  • Modern Graphics Development

    Writing applications in OpenGL has always had a high learning curve, however, one additional obstacle I recently encountered, and that I’d like to provide a warning about; hybrid graphics. The majority of high performance laptops now use a hybrid architecture involving an integrated Intel GPU for drawing to the display and low intensity applications. Then there is a dedicated graphics card for handling applications with the configured profile for graphically intensive applications (games, image editors, etc). However, each graphics processor has its own version of OpenGL.

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